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Product Review: Cubii

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Depending on the type of disability your spouse or loved one has it may be imperative that they keep moving. It’s important for everyone, but for those with disabilities who risk muscle atrophy it's more than a recommendation; it's a mandate. My wife has MS. After her diagnosis several years ago she is nearly wheelchair bound. It's vital that she keep her legs moving since she really isn't walking much at all. She is barely upright throughout the day therefore any leg motion she can muster is a bonus.

We have a few pieces of cardio equipment in my home - a fitness club quality elliptical from Octane Fitness, and a Schwinn exercise bike. Sue had been using the bike for a long time when she was still able to use a walker. As her condition worsened the transfer into the exercise bike became unmanageable and unsafe. I thought briefly about a recumbent bike since that position is fully-seated and therefore much safer than a typical exercise bike, but the transfer would be no different and I quickly dismissed that idea.

Then I found the Cubii.

What is it?

The Cubii is a compact elliptical machine primarily intended for office workers who sit too much behind their desks. Hence the name. It's a way to keep moving while you sit and stare at monitors for up to 13 hours a day (well, at least I do). The Cubii allows you to remain active at work, at home, or anywhere since it's portable (the Cubii weighs 27lbs). The other use that Cubii touts on their website is rehabilitation. Cubii is an ideal solution for someone coming back from injury or surgery and progressing through rehab. I immediately saw it as a perfect solution for my wife who spends all day either on the couch or in her wheelchair. It's easy to move into position and gets her moving quickly.

Can I Track My Progress and Set Goals?

There are two models: Cubii Jr. and Cubii Pro. Cubii Pro includes Bluetooth capability which connects to the Cubii app to allow you to set goals, track progress and share results. Cubii Jr. does not.

The Cubii app lets you see your progress as you go.

What Do We Think?

The machine is really well made. Sue wanted to see progress so we opted for the Pro model. Connecting the app was a breeze and very shortly she was telling me how far she peddled. The battery seems to last forever as I can't remember the last time I plugged it in to charge. Cubii mentions how quiet the device is on their website more than once and I know why - it really is whisper quiet, making it perfect for work environments or while you're trying to watch TV.

Is the Cubii a Replacement for Full Size Exercise Equipment?

Of course not. It promises a way for the immobile (desk worker or disabled) to get more movement in their lives and it does that job very well.

Would I Recommend the Cubii?

Yes. My wife enjoys peddling away and checking her results. However, there are many cheaper compact ellipticals to choose from - and I mean a LOT cheaper (the Cubii Jr is $249 while the Pro is $349), but I think the build quality and the Bluetooth connectivity warrant the higher price. The design of the Cubii is first-rate and the whisper quiet operation sets it apart. More information can be found on Cubii's website.

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